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Building your website and online platform

From a sleek online business card to a powerful e-commerce platform, we craft the perfect digital solution for your business.

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Boost & Marketing Services

We customize our services to suit the specific requirements of your business for one goal only: to get you more customers.

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Access to bstarOne platform

bstarOne stands out as the most comprehensive toolkit for digital businesses available in the market.

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Customer Services & AI automation

AI is opening new doors, and automation in customer service can help save costs and streamline processes.

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At bstardigital SG, we're your partner in success. We'll help you achieve your goals, generate a flood of leads, and skyrocket your sales. Let's collaborate and turn your digital dreams into reality. Contact us today to chart your course to digital domination!

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Local Business Owners
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Working with Us

We understand the challenges that local businesses face when it comes to managing an online presence.

In addition to the day-to-day operations of a local business, business owners often have to handle various administrative tasks, customer service, inventory management, and more. Finding the time to effectively manage and maintain their online presence becomes even more challenging in this context. The demands of running a local business can be overwhelming, and it's understandable that business owners may find it difficult to dedicate sufficient time to their online marketing efforts. Other challenges that business owners may face include:

Online marketing tactics and algorithms undergo constant evolution, which can pose a challenge for local business owners who may lack the necessary resources or knowledge to stay updated with the latest trends.

Small businesses frequently encounter the challenge of operating within a limited marketing budget, which makes it difficult for them to allocate funds towards online marketing services or advertising.

Numerous local business owners lack the technical know-how and proficiency required to establish and sustain an online presence, manage social media accounts, or execute online advertising campaigns.

Online reviews and feedback can wield considerable influence over the reputation of a local business. To uphold a positive image, business owners must proactively monitor and address reviews and feedback.

bstardigital Solutions.

Our digital solution portfolio encompasses a variety of industries, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can leverage our expertise.

Get a solution built just for your F&B business.

  • Fine dining & casual restaurants
  • Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs) & Food trucks
  • Cafés & Bars
  • Wine & Beverage stores
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Food & Beverage businesses

Empowering Businesses in the Health & Beauty Industry.

  • Spa & Massage
  • Beauty salons & barbershops
  • Rejuvenation & clinics
  • Doctors & dentists
  • Gym & Recreation
  • Personal Trainer
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Health & Beauty industry

Customized Travel & Accommodation Solutions at Your Fingertips.

  • Travel services
  • Visa agencies
  • Homestay
  • Small hotels & resorts
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Travel & Accommodation industry
Local Business 2

Customer's view

What Customers expect from local businesses.

To have a website that is easily accessible on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets.

To have consistent information across all online platforms, including their business name, address, phone number, and hours of operation.

To have a presence on social media platforms, where they can engage with the business and get updates about products, promotions, and events.

To have positive reviews on platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. They often rely on these reviews to make purchasing decisions and evaluate the quality of service.

Customers expect local businesses to be responsive to inquiries and complaints made online. They expect businesses to have a dedicated customer service team to handle these interactions promptly and professionally.

Local Business 3

How bstardigital can help your business

Our mission is to help local business owners. We provide everything you need to be able to build, manage and grow your digital business.

Our focus is on providing affordable payment packages that offer flexibility, including options to pause or cancel at any time. Our mission is to make professional digital business solutions accessible to everyone.

With bstarOne, we offer a comprehensive range of more than a dozen ready-to-use solutions designed to jumpstart your business. Additionally, we provide a personalized sales and marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business and ensure round-the-clock access to our team of experts. We are committed to equipping you with the tools and support you need to succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Whether you prefer a comprehensive approach where we handle every aspect of your digital business needs or specific tasks that you want us to manage, we are here to support you. Our expertise lies in building, managing, and boosting businesses to help you attract more customers and drive sales. From website development to social media marketing, search engine optimization to online advertising, we have the capabilities to maximize your online presence and achieve tangible results. Let us take care of the digital side so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.